Le cadeau le plus doux au monde
Join the sensory experience

CARESSE D’ORYLAG®, the fluffiest gift in the world

CARESSE D’ORYLAG offers a range of luxury accessories and fluffy toys. The Orylag – a rare material with an extraordinary feel – has a sleek and timeless design. It can be used to create fashion accessories, like scarves or gloves, in a large palette of refined, authentic or trendy colours. It can also be applied on decorative accessories, cushions and throws, which will elegantly add warmth to your home. The Orylag also adorns a family of handcrafted fluffy toys, for everyone. Each creation is made in accordance with CE Standards (EN71), and has its own certificate of origin.

CARESSE D’ORYLAG, an extraordinary feel

CARESSE D’ORYLAG designs rare items with soothing properties. Throughout its collections of accessories and cuddly toys, CARESSE D’ORYLAG offers a tactile journey: a unique sensory experience, an exceptional moment. What make it so unique are the soothing qualities of this “Extraordinary feel”, which leaves the traveller of the senses with a true feeling of well-being and calmness.

Offer more than an exceptional gift, offer a CARESSE D’ORYLAG creation

Offering a gift is a special moment, a time for sharing and joy. In the world of luxury gifts, CARESSE D’ORYLAG provides an exclusive collection of fluffy toys. It fulfils the desires of a highly demanding international clientele in search of incredible softness and new sensations. Choosing a CARESSE D’ORYLAG creation is giving the fluffiest gift in the world.