Le cadeau le plus doux au monde
Our values

Each of our stylish, timeless and handmade creations is a luxury gift that can be passed on

A rare and precious raw material, the pure ORYLAG down is one of the finest in the animal kingdom. It comes from a unique and extraordinary rabbit related to the chinchilla. Produced exclusively in France, ORYLAG is a French registered trademark and is protected all over the world by an exclusive production licence. It is fully in line with the Code of Conduct of the Sustainable Luxury Working Group and with the Charter developed by the WOAH*.

French craftsmanship

Thanks to its unique character, the exacting standards and perfection it requires, ORYLAG is a strong testimony to the unique and unrivalled French craftsmanship. This is why the most prestigious fashion houses trust it for their collections.

CARESSE D’ORYLAG, a true ritual

Offering a CARESSE D’ORYLAG creation is a true ritual, and epitomises the art of giving. These are moments of joy to be shared. By following a precise ritual, it allows you to enjoy the act of giving as well as the quality of the gift. From the magnificent box to the discovery of a wonderful, luxury accessory and finally touching a piece that evokes an emotional reaction, these steps create a ritual of giving. In order to make this gift even more unique and special, each toy has a production number, and you can choose to have it customized.

*World Organisation for Animal Health